Buddhist Population in India 2021

Percentage Buddhist population India census 2011 The Buddhist population in India is aproximately 8.4 million. It is only 0.8% of 1.32 billion population of India. 87% of them are the converted Buddhists from the Hinduism. This 87% population are mostly concentrated in Maharashtra state. Remaining 13% of Buddhists belong to the different traditional Buddhist communities … Continue reading Buddhist Population in India 2021

Gojen Lama

Ek Lama Uzoni sawra lamoni dhar, Nw elw siritti jolotkar, Jol ugure bwchche thawl, Banelw gojene jib sogol, Ahreye maneye zar jonom, Age salam duong tar choron, Chaane sujjoi sodor bhei, Salam duong mui bhumit thei, Sommuge salam duong pugedi, Pojime salam duong pijedi, Uttore salam duong bhangedi, Dogine salam duong denedi. Mor bhidir doye … Continue reading Gojen Lama