Love your parents

Is there any beautiful woman as beautiful as your mother!
Is there any beautiful man as beautiful as your father!
Is there any beautiful love as beautiful as your parental love!
Are there any beautiful people as beautiful as your parents!

How could you not be thankful to your mother,
To bearing you for months and giving you birth!
How could you not be grateful to your father,
To earning a hard working life to feed you well!

How could you raise your voice to them,
How could you forget their love and care,
How could you think to leave them behind,
How could you not love them back wholeheartedly,
And take care them when they’re old and weak!

One day, they will be gone for forever from your sight,
Now matter how much you miss and fight,
They won’t be home anymore and wipe your tears,
They won’t cook for you and wait for your return,
Neither you could hear them calling you “my prince” or “my princess“,

Be thankful when they’re with you,
Be gentle and caring when they still see you and hear you,
They might be poor or illiterate,
Might not be the same as your friends’ parents,
But they are beautiful and literate as they are,
Their sweats and tears,
Their hard earning and fears,
Is everything dedicated for you!

So, say, you love mommy,
So, say, you love daddy,
So, say, you care them,
So, say, you will be there by their side,
Like they were always there for you,
Until the moment they breathe no more,
You bring them happiness as gratitude,
You bring them smiles after a tiring day,
So, they could die happily for bringing you up,
To the world, you are theirs,
Here or hereafter!

All the parents are special,
All the children are special,
Be compassionate and kind,
Be sharing and caring with all human kind!
Always ask your parents how they are,
And what they need,
Provide them foods and shelter as your House Deities,
Ask others too, how are their parents,
Are they okay or not,
Your simple caring might means someone a lot!


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