Chakma language teaching in Tripura

The Chakmas are Tibeto-Burman ethnologically and are thus closely related to tribes in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Chakma Community in Tripura is found normally in the Sub-Divisions of Kailashahar, Amarpur, Sabroom, Udaipur, Belonia and Kanchanpur.

Chakmas speak in ‘Changma Vaj’ or ‘Changma Kodha’ – Chakma language. The Chakma language was introduced at primary level since 2004 through Bengali Script and since 2013 through Chakma script.

Chakma’s are a community with their own culture, folklore, literature and traditions.

The Chakma population according to 2011 Census was 79,813 which is 2.17 % of the total population.

In Tripura there are 87 notified schools where Chakma students are studying. Under the Directorate of Kokborok & Other Minority Language an Advisory Committee for the Development of Chakma Language was constituted to carry out Chakma language developmental works.

List of School where Chakma Language is taught under different District & Inspectorate of Schools

Rabindranagar H.S School (Pry)

Balananjoyanti High School (Pry)

Mritinga Cherra SN S.B. School (Pry)

UricherraSN S.B School (Pry)

Dopatacherra S.B. School (Pry)

Hemsukla S.B School (Pry)

Santipur High School (Pry)

Kawnpui LB. School (ADC)

Dasda S. B. School (Pry)

Bakra Debbarma Para J.B. School (ADC)

Ledrai dewan H.S. School (Pry)

Pechartal H.S.School (Pry)

Nalkata High School (Pry))

Kaipaia S.B. School (Pry)

Santipur PTL High School (Pry)

Gadhacherra S.B. school (Pry)

Depachera S.B.School (Pry)

Dhanicherra S.B. School (Pry)

Andharcherra High School (Pry)

Ujanbagicherra High School (Pry)

Kamdabcherra S.B. School (Pry)

Kinacharan TDP S.B School (Pry)

Nabincherra High School (Pry)

Akhshoymani DC High School (Pry)

Laxmancherra S.B. School (Pry)

Trailakya CP S.B. School(Pry)

Khailya CP S.B. School(Pry)

Bhuban Sindhu CP S.B. School(Pry)

Bhangamura CP (AP) S.B. School(Pry)

East Chawmanu S.B. School

Dalucherra S.B. School (Pry)

Phanguram KP S.B. School(Pry)

Gezacherra S.B. School(Pry)

Getua KP s.B. School(Pry)

Boxamani KP S.B. School(Pry)

Makarcherra S.B School(Pry)

Paisharam KP LB. School (ADC)

Chawmanu Bazar LB. School (ADC)

Arjun mani KP LB. School

Larai KP S.B. School (Pry)

Nandakarbaripara S.B. School

Kshetricherra TKP S/B School

Chawmanu CI-XII School (Pry)

Lalcherra TMC High School (Pry)

Dhanyaram KP High School(Pry)

Hezacherra High School (Pry)

Jharjaria S.B. School(Pry)

Laipadapara (Lebacherra )S.B. School. (Pry)

Bhanu karbari Para

Hemtabari S.B. School(Pry)

Kali Prasad Bari High School(Pry)

Gaburcherra S.B. School(Pry). (Iswar Ch. S/B School)

Elmara high School(Pry)

Girish Karbari Para S.B. School(Pry)

Biswakarma karbari Para High (Pry)School (ADC)

Noaram karbari Para S.B(Pry)(ADC)

Tuichakma Colony S.B. School(Pry)

Kamala Ashram Col S.B. School(Pry)

Pancharatan (M) S.B. School(Pry)

Dhalajhari S.B School (Pry)

Laxmipur Laipada S.B.School (Pry)

Chailengta CI-XII School (Pry)

Bijoy K/P Jr.B. School

Kalabijoy para Jr.B. School

Taramohan para Jr.B. School

Ramchandra para Jr.B. School

Senbari para Jr.B. School

Japan Chakma para SB. School (Pry)

Rajchandra para Jr.B. School

Kamini Chakma para SB. School (Pry)

Buddhajoy para Jr.B. School

Indrajoy Chakma para Jr.B. School

Purba Santipur J/B School

Purba Dupatacherra J/B School

sukiya K/P J/B School

Kanchancherra J/B School

Sukramani Para J/B School

Purba Laxmikanta para J/B School

Salbagan J/B School

Panchakacherra J/B School

Langicherra J/B School

Gourchandra Para J/B School

Shakya Adam J/B School

Subal Karbari Para J/B School

Kamunchya Para J/B School

Jamini Para J/B School

Manikpur Proper Jr. Basic School

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