A glimpse history of Chakmas migration to Arunachal Pradesh

Bor Porong (Great Exodus) and to path of Progress

A glimpse history of Chakmas migration to Arunachal Pradesh

Our Chakmas migrated to Arunachal Pradesh in mid 1960 from Chittagong Hill Tracts (East-Pakistan).

Why Chakmas migrated to Arunachal Pradesh?

There are various reasons, first Chakmas are loyal and love India.After the India and Pakistan partition in 1947, the Chakmas become victims of partition. Though the Chakmas wanted to stay and live within India, unfortunately R cliff and Nehru cursed Chakmas in placing them with Pakistan.Although 99.9% population of Chittagong Hill Tracts were non Muslims but Nehru did cut CHT from India to get Kashmir. Some of our leader like Sneha Kumar Chakma been argued,appealed Nehru to keep CHT within India. It was cleared indication that India flags was hosted in Rangamati ,CHT even after India-pakistan partition in 1947

After Independent , Pakistan was not happy with Chakmas and knew Chakmas are faithful,wanted to join India. To subdue the Chakmas, it started to construct “Kaptai Dam” and with lot of actrocities, gross injustice etc” .Kaptai Dam submerged all Chakmas land around 54000 acres farm land and properties .

Why East-Pakistan did injustice to Chakmas?

The Chakmas leader, as well as prominent chakmas were always royal , faithful and supported India. Which made Pakistan jealous, violence and atrocity against the chakmas. After all, Chakmas religions, Culture, languages etc. all are Indian.

In 1962,India and China had brief war in NEFA,present Arunachal Pradesh. It is said Chinese soldiers merged till Assam which is alarming threat to India.

So the government of India decided to settle the chakmas in NEFA now Arunachal Pradesh, in where the India and China fought a brief war in late 1962. The Chakmas were settled in vacant land, and to create barrier to China. India knew that the China will hesitate to invade the land where peoples are residing.

So the Chakmas were migrated legally, with the initiation of the government of India and with consent of local peoples of AP. If the Chakmas are legally migrated, so why there are many indifferences from government of AP and local peoples and why the India, the central government turn blind on Chakmas issues?

Stateless Chakmas are victims in Arunachal Pradesh

If the Chakmas of AP are legal migrant, why the citizenship issues were delayed? It is said, till in mid 1970s, the Chakmas of AP used to get help from AP government, even they were allowed to cast their vote, employed etc. But afterward, gradually all right from Chakmas were snatched away, why? Remember, in this world, everything happen due to cause and effect. Find out why the bad luck happened?

Later, a committee was formed by Chakmas to achieve right, but its been going on since many years, the situation of the Chakmas in AP are still gloomy, continue harassment, threat are continued, discrimination in saying refugees, job are not allowed, officially chakmas are not recognised, no health facilities, no state government facilities or help nor from central government, it is due to restriction imposed by local peoples and AP government. In midst 1990s, many Chakmas houses were burn down to ashes , properties were looted, rice-grain the major food of chakmas were destroyed by local peoples back by AP government, why?

Lots of fabricated news against the Chakmas as killer, rapist etc .which are fault news made by local peoples in medias, news etc. The truth lying behind, nobody see nor the medias, news etc. Why there is no justification, no human right for poor, stateless and innocent peoples. Is the Human right are only for criminal and murdered? Is there is no Human right for stateless and poor peoples? Is there is no right for peoples who can’t speak and published their voices due to restriction and helplessness?

The Chakmas migrated to AP legally, with the initiation of India government and consent of local peoples of AP. If so,Why the citizenship of Chakmas in AP delayed? We didn’t work hard,didn’t have a good leader to direct into right path. We didn’t studied hard to understand the future problems, didn’t share our ideas within, didn’t communicate well within, too much ego within our leadership, no respect within our peoples, no feeling for own peoples development, dominant and ego are prevailing strongly with in our community, no genuine, no honesty among us, no trust each other, don’t like to see each other development and progress, didn’t communicate well within our community, didn’t communicate well with local peoples, didn’t make good relationship with local peoples etc.

These are the major germ, disunity, erosion, poison, defection, infection, virus, which delaying our citizenship, making us weak, hindering our progress, harbouring ill among us.

How to built our confident into progress and achieve full citizenship

First, we must elect a leader who is quick thinking, elaborative, courageous, strong in mind, motivate, energetic, royal to chakmas, love work for chakmas, work for the development for community, equipped with all good qualities, blameless, religious etc. We all should come forwards in unity, work together for development, work hard to achieve citizenship, develop our communication into good, make feeling to development of our community, forgot and avoid our ego, be honest and genuine each other, generate love and feeling for our community and humanity. Besides all these, simultaneously we should generate our good feeling towards local peoples, show our goodness and built our relationship, friendship with them. How to make unity?

To make unity in particular society, improvement and development of religious understanding is very essential, need comprehension for common good, endeavour to achieve good, patience to each other defect and fault, radiant compassion feeling each other, equanimity for whole community if someone do good to encourage he/she to do more good, forbearance and forgiveness each other, be industrious with constant effort to develop and progress and make unity in society. When someone does well, we all should support it for development. If someone makes progress individually, it is due to his hard work and good effort. We shouldn’t jealous him. Instead we all should wish his progress and welfare.

We all should learn mistake from our past which delay our citizenship and lead us into downfall. We shouldn’t repeat our mistake again and again. To repeat mistake is silly. We need to help each other for common good, for welfare of our future generation, to keep our clan continues, to make our identity into recognization to world. We all should behave well, follow the rule regulation, adhere with policy and procedure, stick with morality and ethics. After all, we have a best religion in the world called Buddhism, which is scientifically proof and United Nation recognised and awarded as best scientifically ,peaceful religion in the universe. So we need to study our religion Buddhism to learn the art of living. Buddhism is just not a religion, it teaches everything in our daily life requirement.

If someone start a good works.It is all our duty, We all should support collectively. It is a good initiation, should earnestly support for good causes.

Friendship within own community and with local peoples

Friendship is essential to live harmony in this world. Friendship generates love, compassion, joy and equanimity. How to make friendship? To make friendship one must be genuine, honest, and generous and should know the art of giving. One should give-up jealousy, ego and hatred which are the root of destruction to one-self as well as to other. To hate and jealous other, first one must harbour ill feeling and jealousy in one mind. After generate strong ill-will and jealousy in one’s minds then later he/ she missiles his ill-will and jealousy to other. But he/she forget oneself the ill-will and jealousy harbour in his mind, first had hurt oneself, spread virus, germ and poison in one’s mind, which will damaged he/she his good thinking ability and progress towards good. So hatred and jealousy is like an iron ores or erosion which destroy the iron slowly, so thus the hatred, jealousy, and greed to destroy us like a poison spread in body gradually and finally kill us.

So don’t allow to penetrate ego, greed, hatred and jealousy, which is not good for oneself nor good for other, neither good for any community. It brings destruction and obstruction to all. Don’t use abusive, slandering languages each other and don’t let other to abuse. Use the language which are good for communication, conducive and bring peace and harmony in society.

How to be friend with local peoples? Local peoples consent and their good will are important to achieve Chakmas citizenship. We have to develop our friendship with local peoples of AP. We should invite the local leaders, peoples in our function and festival; share our goodness, compassion with them by offering food and hospitality.

All our Chakmas should have balance thinking. They should support each other for common good. We being a Chakmas shouldn’t have any ill-feeling each other. If someone did mistake in past, should amend it and walk on right track which all chakmas are expecting . It is good, we got many organizations and movements, all should on good causes.

Only a single group ,which can’t be a democratic and balance. Bangladesh, India,Mynmar Chakmas have couple group which is good, it is democratic and fair.It is an appeal to all groups, please behave well, don’t through bitter and sour words each other. Generate good feeling and support each other in all good motivation. Please don’t be dominant, ego and ambiguous. All would love to see to any group the transparency, clear in all details and especially on finances.

For long lasting peace, friendship-ness with all peoples are essential and important. In Arunachal Pradesh if we achieve our full citizenship too, must live friendly with locals and be good each other within our community and be royal to India.

Thank you.

Credit: Viru Sakya Chakma

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