A Chakma village received a school after more than 50 years! Arakan, Myanmar.

This Chakma village in Arakan state of Myanmar had been neglected more than 5 decades due to lack of leadership and proper guidance. It had no school or any other public facilities such as clinics or community accommodations. A 50 years is a half century and a very long time.

The village school
Approval letter

Venerable Zawtipala Bhante, a social reformer and social worker monk who is also a member of Chakma tribe in Myanmar decided to change this unfortunate trend. He wants to ensure that his Chakma community doesn’t fall far behind in education, in Chakma literature and culture. In last Summer, he filed a petition to the Myanmar Educational Department of Ministry of Ethnic Affairs and Ethnicities to sanction a primary school in Laet Pan Kone Chakma village. All the necessary documents, land lot and other necessary things had been approved.

Finally, all the Chakma children will receive primary education and slowly build up their pitiful condition. They will also have an opportunity to preserve their unique ethnic culture, language, literature and Buddhism.


Venerable Zawtipala Bhante is the abbot of Champanagar Chakma Monastery, Htantapin, Yangon.

Venerable Zawtipala Bhante (left) with most respected Ven. Bimal Bhante at Bodhicāriya, Kolkata, India.

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