Newly Added Books

Very glad to share with all the readers and history lovers that there were 30 books added in our history section! We are sure that many of these books you may never heard of! But here they are! Definitely these books will help you for your individual research works and your personal interest! There will be many more books will be added in our please stay connected with us and sign up if you don’t want to miss our daily posts!

Here is a list of some of the books added recently. There will be many more over a hundred books will be added for the researchers.

  • Genesis of indigenous Chakma Buddhist and their pulverization worldwide
  • The Sakyans of South East Asia A Statistical Account Of The Hill Tipperah
  • A Voyage to Surat in the year 1689 
  • Linguistic Survey Of India Vol. 1, Part. 1 & 2 
  •  A Statistical Account Of The Hill Tipperah 
  • Chakma-Mizo Relations During Biritish Rule
  • Bara Parang, a tale of the developmental refugees of Chittagong Hill Tracts
  • Chakma Settlement in Mizoram
  •  Mapping of Chakma Tribes in Tripura
  • Social Change In Chakma Society In CHT In Bangladesh
  • The Last Raja of West Pakistan

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